Lobo Projects

Eye and Ear for Detail

Many unanswered theatre technical questions often get unrealistic solutions. It is precisely these solutions that must be based on knowledge, skills and experience.

A misconception in choosing the stage control system is often “what is the best there is” and then this is what we take! What organizations should first investigate and determine is actually what is best for their theater, project or product? Experience shows the solution is often something completely different than first thought. The path to a solution requires thinking, exploring, educating, advising and team working.

The advantage of Lobo Projects is full independence position within our industry. In addition, our many years of practical experience are very important. Lobo Projects stands for Independent, “Second to None” assistance to advise to assist clients in making correct choices in order to make the right decisions.

With a high degree of devotion and imagination to problem solving, Lobo Projects is able to see core problems, highlight them and demonstrate which product is guaranteed to produce success. Excellent communication and observation are essential parts of our company’s ethics.

Innovative solutions require a combination of thinking and acting. Prior to each project Lobo Projects looks and assesses always from the end-users point of view in combination with the essential objectives, desired, demanded and project goals. This way of thinking and working ensures that our clients, with us at your side, will be better able to identify the problems to develop solutions and accomplish your objectives.

As the Flying Systems Operation and Project Manager for design and development of Stage Control Systems at the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, designed an operating system which must meet with the technical and artistic executive’s extremely high requirements. This installation as well as the FLymen are without a doubt at the absolute top. See Prize for best Opera House in the world (www.opera-europa.org). This would be absolutely impossible without a high-quality technology.